Our Story

When I was 19 I started picture framing to pay my way through community college studio art classes. At the time I didn’t realize the benefits of daily art assignments in perspective, color, proportion, and scale, followed by nights in the frame shop working with scale, proportion and color. I went on to manage several independent shops around Los Angeles, frame for museums and private collections, and enjoy success as an artist.

Not long after moving to Seattle, my wife and I founded Mainframe Shop LLC, a custom picture frame shop and art gallery in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. One of our goals was to create the high quality hand finished moldings for which we’ve become known. In an effort to increase my skills for molding production and design, I accepted a grant to the Fine Woodworking and Cabinetry program at Seattle Central College. It’s been one of the best learning experiences of my life and has led me to focus my energies on fine woodworking with an emphasis in producing fine picture frame moulding, cabinets and tables.

Today JMH Woodworking has evolved into a fine woodworking studio that creates unique and custom products. We provide a rare combination of high end craftsmanship and installation services. The materials for JMH Woodworking designs are locally and responsibly sourced here in the Pacific Northwest. We use a variety of environmentally friendly finishes and practices with sustainability and production in mind.

Mainframe continues to be a fine custom frame shop owned and operated by Julie Baroh, Kyle Abernathy and Heather Morrison, and is a regular feature of the Georgetown Art Attack.