Riley Doyle: Souvenirs

Seattle based artist Riley Doyle spent part of the summer in the Hudson River Fellowship with Erik Koeppel and Lauren Sansaricq. Lugging equipment up mountains, across rivers and through forests, Riley produced a series of plein air paintings with incredible natural sensitivity and a fine pictorial vocabulary. After the fellowship Riley drove back from the White Mountains of Jackson, NH and stopped everywhere along the way to record his trip, even paying for room and board with paintings and sketches.

Souvenirs is a selection of Riley’s paintings from this recent body of work and opens Sept. 10th with a reception for the artist as part of the Georgetown Art Attack from 6pm-9pm. Works are available for presale by inquiry (email) or appointment (at Mainframe). Souvenirs continues through Sept. with viewing by appointment or regular hours.
See you at the reception!

riley doyle plein air painting

New Patterns: Boundaries & Objects

New Patterns explores the architectural boundaries between art and interior space and features artists, ceramicists and architects from the Pacific NW and along the West Coast.

Exhibit opens Saturday August 13th at the Georgetown Art Attack with a reception from 6pm - 9pm. New Patterns runs through Sept. 10th available to view during regular shop hours and concludes with a closing reception Saturday, Sept. 10th from 6pm - 9pm.

new patterns at mainframe

Kerrie Deck | Amy Maloof | Sophie Spies: new works

Saturday June 11th is action packed in the Georgetown Neighborhood starting with the Annual Georgetown Carnival from Noon to 10pm and the Art Attack from 6pm to 9pm.

Mainframe is pleased to present new works by Seattle based artist Kerrie Deck (MFA, Otis), Amy Maloof (MFA, Claremont College), and Seattle/NJ based artist Sophie Spies (BA, UO). This exhibit presents new works by each artist working in textile, digital media, and found object that explore random pattern as autobiography, the new culture of observation, and storytelling.

Show opens with a reception for the artist's Saturday, June 11th from 6pm - 9pm and continues through Saturday, July 9th with a closing reception from 6pm - 9pm.

Roger Feldman Back+Forth opens May 14th in our new space

Back+Forth is an installation of kinetic/interactive sculpture by Seattle based artist Roger Feldman. Here viewers are invited into a position of power where non-committal talk meets political rhetoric. This piece first appeared at the LA Municipal Art Gallery, Woodland Hills and has been reworked by the artist for this exhibit.
Roger Feldman (MFA, Claremont) is an accomplished artist working in large scale site specific installation and sculpture. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has also been represented here in the NW including the Tacoma Art Museum and Suyama Space in Seattle. Roger was a recipient of an NEA grant and is professor of art at SPU.
Please join us May 14th in our new space for an opening reception for the artist from 6pm-9pm. Part of the

Roger Feldman Back+Forth

Sin Palabras: New Works by Gabriel Marquez

Emerging artist Gabriel Marquez presents new large scale mixed media based artworks in a unique departure from his surrealist and expressionist imagery and pictorial vocabulary. Sin Palabras explores the ideas and values of place as regional, social, and temporal, cultural identity, and the nature of visual language as a potential contradiction of artistic practice. 

Exhibit opens with a reception for the artist Saturday, February 13th from 6pm - 9pm during the Georgetown Art Attack. Exhibit runs through March 12th with a closing reception for the artist from 6pm - 9pm. A preview and pre-sales of artworks are by appointment from Jan. 18th to Feb. 13th and through the course of the exhibit.

Gabriel Marquez mixed media on linen

Movement in Kind: New Works by Matthew Whitney

Matthew Whitney continues exhibiting new and recent works following several one-person and group exhibits this Fall from the Boston Center of the Arts to 4Culture here in Seattle. Whitney’s work is comprised of personal cartographies: medium and large-scale drawings representing everyday walks. These works combine smartphone GPS tracking apps with traditional drawing mediums as a means of excavating how a line, understood as a point moving through space, can be a mark made on paper, a series of illuminated pixels, or a path made by walking.

Exhibit opens Saturday, December 12th, 2015 with a reception for the artist from 6pm to 9pm. Part of the Georgetown Art Attack. The show continues through Saturday January 9th, 2016 with a closing reception for the artist during the Georgetown Art Attack from 6pm to 9pm. Works can be viewed during normal business hours and by appointment.

Matthew Whitney movement in kind

Ten-Four: New works by Dave Phillips

Seattle based artist and designer Dave Phillips presents new works in a continuing series of typographical-based assemblage constructions. Dave's work plays on visual themes from late-modernism such as the grid, the arrangement of pure color and the divide between fine art and the consumable. 

Ten Four opens for a special reception Friday, October 9th from 6 to 9pm to celebrate Mainframe's first year in the Georgetown neighborhood. Ten Four will also be open Saturday, October 10th for the Georgetown Art Attack from 6-9pm. The exhibit continues through November 14th and is open to the public during regular hours or by appointment.

Ten-Four: assemblage by Dave Phillips

Norman Tabor: New Works, Sept. 12 through Oct. 3rd.

Norman Tabor's (MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design) most recent 3D works are carefully assembled, monochromatic studies with minimal graphical arrangements explore tensions between art and science, the historical representation of memory and collective experience. Tabor is an associate professor at SUNY Plattsburgh and is widely recognized for his work as an illustrator and graphic designer. Tabor appears courtesy of Krab Jab Studios and are on display in Mainframe from September 12 through October 3rd and are available to view by appointment or during regular hours.

Norman Tabor Assemblage, 2014

The Gang's All Here: 2nd annual group show

Recently Seattle hosted her first International Art Fair with a remarkable degree of success and attendance. The Seattle Art Fair introduced many artworks normally unseen or unavailable to patrons and collectors and if you missed it, you missed it.

Mainframe's 2nd annual group show include works in a wide variety of mediums by established and emerging contemporary artists from LA and Seattle. This is one of the final occasions where many of the representative artworks will be available at introductory prices. Presale starts Wednesday August 5th during regular hours or by appointment. 

The Gang's All Here opens Saturday, August 8th with a reception for the artists from 6pm to 9pm. Show continues through Monday, September 8th. Part of the Georgetown Art Attack..

the gang's all here seattle-LA art exhibit

By Land or By Sea: Ed Bopp, Kelly Johnston

By Land or By Sea reexamines the old genres of landscape and seascape painting from divergent contemporary perspectives. Assuming current trends in landscape painting, generally, are hybrids of digital and natural settings connecting virtual and natural reality By Land or By Sea presents works that move toward abstraction with an emphasis on individual experience and originality.

Ed Bopp (BFA, Otis 2008), current series of plein air paintings combines abstract expressionist elements with informal hobbyist practice creating a unique and highly approachable original series of work with a highly developed pictorial language.

Kelly Johnston (BFA, UW, 2000) continues her series of abstract paintings rooted in personal meditations on the NW landscape. Since her last exhibit at Mainframe (July, 2014), Kelly's work has dissolved the partition between abstraction and landscape with an increasingly refined palette and a string of successful exhibits and awards around Seattle.

By Land or By Sea opens Saturday, June 13 with a reception for the artist's from 6 pm to 9 pm. Exhibit continues through July 4th with viewing hours by appt. during the week, Friday 11a - 7p. and Saturday 10a-3p.

by land or by sea

Kent Anderson Butler: Sacred Encounters

LA based artist Kent Anderson Butler presents a new series of images documenting a small community in post-industrial Georgia. This abandoned one million square foot facility was a Fruit of the Loom factory provides the setting for Butler's absent portraits. The artist approaches the space and records it as portraiture finding traces of human interaction, industry and an interdependence between life and utility, work and place, portraiture and setting. Sacred Encounters presents 14 sublimation prints mounted on aluminum and are now available for pre-sale in our gallery.

Kent has exhibited widely from LA to NY and internationally including Florence, Italy and the Netherlands. Exhibit opens Saturday April 11th with a reception for the artist from 6pm to 9pm and continues through May 9th.

Water Works: Jamie Brouwer, Rick Bringolf

Northwest artists Jamie Brouwer and Rick Bringolf present a series of paintings and photo essays on the spirituality, politics, and industrial use of water. Bringolf's photo essay on the Georgetown steam plant represents a decade of meditation and documentation on the historic site and Brouwer's swimming paintings explores the tensions of leisure and spirituality, acceptance and individuality. Exhibit opens March 14th with a reception for the artists and continues through April 4th.

water works: Jamie Brouwer and Rick Bringolf

Hopeless Romantics: Juan Carlos Arenas, Ed Bopp, Kelsey Dake, Jim Garland and Jason Grube

Hopeless Romantics is a Valentine themed show featuring graphic artists and designers from LA and Seattle: Juan Carlos Arenas, Ed Bopp, Kelsey Dake, Jim Garland, and Jason Grube. The exhibit kicks off with a special musical performance by Robert Deeble on Friday, February 13th at 7pm (free). Reception for the artists is Saturday, February 14 from 6pm - 9pm part of the Georgetown Art Attack. This year Georgetown Art Attack celebrates her 7th anniversary with new venues, restaurants and performing arts. Hope to see you there.

Hopeless Romantics: new exhibit at mainframe

Big Giant Paintings: Large scale works by Gabriel Marquez January 10th

Emerging Seattle artist Gabriel Marquez is not afraid of large scale painting at a time when the value of artwork is tempered by the practicality and utility of small and medium sizes. Gabriel's paintings have an astonishing pictorial vocabulary that is both dreamlike and recognizable, creating smart visual irony and internal mystical places and patterns. Exhibit opens for the Georgetown Art Attack January 10th from 6pm to 9pm. Pre sale of paintings by appointment and starting Tuesday, January 6th. Show continues to Saturday, February 7th.

Detail of Gabriel Marquez "The Gentleman" 2013, 6' x 8' assemblage on canvas

The Gang's All Here: 2st Annual Group Show December 13th

Our second annual group show. More than 20 artists in a salon style format with affordable pricing on both art and framing. Includes accomplished and emerging artists Ed Bopp, Kent Anderson ButlerKelsey Dake, Jason Grube, Kelly Johnston, Rob Johnston, Scott Kolbo, Gabriel Marquez, Tomoko Suzuki-Meier, Roger Peet, Matthew Whitney, May Jong, Should be a really great time and a fun way to end the year. Stay tuned for more info. Show opens December 13th for the Georgetown Art Attack from 6pm to 9pm. Hint: Get there early.

The Gang's All Here: our second annual group show at Mainframe

Said Clairvoyance: Tomoko Suzuki-Meier, Scott Kolbo, Matthew Whitney

Said Clairvoyance is about the location and objectivity of the figure in print media, digital media and multidisciplinary practice. The figure is represented in public and spiritual settings depicting a dynamic range of physical and emotional attributes with bold humor and originality. Said Clairvoyance echoes Dubuffet’s notion that art has the ability to achieve clairvoyance without limiting the practice or activity of the artist or the preconceptions of the audience.

Tomoko Suzuki-Meier (Mito, Japan) M.F.A. CSU Long Beach (2004), has exhibited widely around Southern California  while teaching printmaking. Tomoko currently resides in Kenmore teaching and continuing in the printmaking discipline. Tomoko's figurative work draws on the altruism of the Bosatsu, a figurative symbol that postpones entrance into enlightenment to enable others to do the same. Tomoko's figures are highly lyrical, tightly rendered in patterns and space sensitive forms on paper.

Scott Kolbo (Seattle, WA) M.F.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison (2000), teaches printmaking and drawing at SPU, member of Seattle Print Arts and recently had a solo show at 4Culture in Seattle, WA and an artist residency in the South West. Scott's multi-media work includes video, digital animation, drawing, printmaking and site-specific installation. Scott's work contrasts hallmark human achievement in the unsophisticated play and leisure of youth and seemingly detached adults.

Matthew Whitney (Seattle, WA.) M.F.A. Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, Vermont (2012) is a multidisciplinary artist and has exhibited widely around Southern California, Seattle, and Vancouver BC Canada including the Vancouver Art Gallery. Matt's use of the figure as a pedestrian contains elements of autobiography while exploring relationships between movement and meditation in the urban environment.

Said Clairvoyance opens November 8th with a reception for the artist's during the Georgetown Art Attack. Show continues through Saturday December 6th and is available to view during regular business hours Tuesday - Friday 11am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 3 pm.
Hope to see you there!

Tomoko Suzuki-Meier "Muddy Pond" 2010 Mixed media on paper, 73" x 49.5"

Tomoko Suzuki-Meier "Muddy Pond" 2010 Mixed media on paper, 73" x 49.5"

Passages: Surface and Form continues through Oct. 31st.

Passages: Surface and Form is a solo exhibit of recent work by LA based artist Virginia Katz.

Virginia Katz is doing something unique in contemporary landscape painting. And she does it very well. Virginia's paintings represent accumulated information from a variety of scientific and natural perspectives. The layers of materials seen in satellite imagery become the physical and conceptual make up of the drawings and the form paintings. The flatness of the drawings and physical nature of thick paint parallel our perceptions of the Earth.

Virginia has produced a stunning and authentic body of work that is highly original and highly sensitive to the critical values of contemporary art. This exhibit features eleven paintings and drawings from Virgina's larger body of work and is on display during our regular hours.

Passages: Surface and Form continues through October 31st and is open to the public during our normal business hours Tuesday through Friday 11am - 7 pm and Saturday 10 am - 3 pm.