Frameskis: Frames for Instagram, Holga and More

The best thing about Instagram photos is you can take a million of them and they're all good. But when I wanted to frame two or three I had a hard time finding quality frames specifically for Instagram. So I came up with the Frameski. I launched Frameskis at a benefit earlier this year. I had friends take photos of "free stuff" around town. You know: TVs, couches, love seats, junk with a badly drawn "free" sign taped it. We framed 20 prints and when you put them all together they really told a story. Mostly a sad story about ripped, soaked, smoldering over-stuffed couches but the presentation was both amusing and striking. Frameskis are the perfect accent frame designed for Instagram, Holga, Poloroid and other medium format prints and art. Frameskis are crafted with the same quality materials used in custom framing with acid free buffered mats and backing so it won’t damage the print over time. Swap prints out easy and hang on the wall or set on a desk. Frameskis: Your Art More Valuable.