Said Clairvoyance: Tomoko Suzuki-Meier, Scott Kolbo, Matthew Whitney

Said Clairvoyance is about the location and objectivity of the figure in print media, digital media and multidisciplinary practice. The figure is represented in public and spiritual settings depicting a dynamic range of physical and emotional attributes with bold humor and originality. Said Clairvoyance echoes Dubuffet’s notion that art has the ability to achieve clairvoyance without limiting the practice or activity of the artist or the preconceptions of the audience.

Tomoko Suzuki-Meier (Mito, Japan) M.F.A. CSU Long Beach (2004), has exhibited widely around Southern California  while teaching printmaking. Tomoko currently resides in Kenmore teaching and continuing in the printmaking discipline. Tomoko's figurative work draws on the altruism of the Bosatsu, a figurative symbol that postpones entrance into enlightenment to enable others to do the same. Tomoko's figures are highly lyrical, tightly rendered in patterns and space sensitive forms on paper.

Scott Kolbo (Seattle, WA) M.F.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison (2000), teaches printmaking and drawing at SPU, member of Seattle Print Arts and recently had a solo show at 4Culture in Seattle, WA and an artist residency in the South West. Scott's multi-media work includes video, digital animation, drawing, printmaking and site-specific installation. Scott's work contrasts hallmark human achievement in the unsophisticated play and leisure of youth and seemingly detached adults.

Matthew Whitney (Seattle, WA.) M.F.A. Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, Vermont (2012) is a multidisciplinary artist and has exhibited widely around Southern California, Seattle, and Vancouver BC Canada including the Vancouver Art Gallery. Matt's use of the figure as a pedestrian contains elements of autobiography while exploring relationships between movement and meditation in the urban environment.

Said Clairvoyance opens November 8th with a reception for the artist's during the Georgetown Art Attack. Show continues through Saturday December 6th and is available to view during regular business hours Tuesday - Friday 11am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 3 pm.
Hope to see you there!

Tomoko Suzuki-Meier "Muddy Pond" 2010 Mixed media on paper, 73" x 49.5"

Tomoko Suzuki-Meier "Muddy Pond" 2010 Mixed media on paper, 73" x 49.5"