The Birds are Up

Scott Kolbo is an artist and teaches printmaking and drawing here in Seattle. Scott's recently produced this etching for an exhibit and workshop in Arizona this week and asked me for some framing and advice on shipping. The etching is framed using a 7 ply archival mat, 1 ply barrier paper and archival foamcore substrate. The etching is mounted to the barrier paper using archival mounting corners so that glues and adhesives are not applied to the artwork. UV protective glass was recommended for the bright Arizona climate, but also equally useful in the Northwest where UV rays are just as destructive to works on paper as, well, anywhere the sun shines.

Shipping artwork with glass always seems perilous. Scott applies an "X" across the glass w/ blue tape before shipping which is usually recommended. We also recommend a piece of cardboard or scrap foamcore cut to the size of the window opening and placed within the lip of the frame. A second piece of cardboard or foam core is cut to the outside edge of the frame moulding. This should help reduce shock while in transit, assuming the frame is packed securely and is properly handled.

Scott Kulbo Etching.jpg