By Land or By Sea: Ed Bopp, Kelly Johnston

By Land or By Sea reexamines the old genres of landscape and seascape painting from divergent contemporary perspectives. Assuming current trends in landscape painting, generally, are hybrids of digital and natural settings connecting virtual and natural reality By Land or By Sea presents works that move toward abstraction with an emphasis on individual experience and originality.

Ed Bopp (BFA, Otis 2008), current series of plein air paintings combines abstract expressionist elements with informal hobbyist practice creating a unique and highly approachable original series of work with a highly developed pictorial language.

Kelly Johnston (BFA, UW, 2000) continues her series of abstract paintings rooted in personal meditations on the NW landscape. Since her last exhibit at Mainframe (July, 2014), Kelly's work has dissolved the partition between abstraction and landscape with an increasingly refined palette and a string of successful exhibits and awards around Seattle.

By Land or By Sea opens Saturday, June 13 with a reception for the artist's from 6 pm to 9 pm. Exhibit continues through July 4th with viewing hours by appt. during the week, Friday 11a - 7p. and Saturday 10a-3p.

by land or by sea