Edna Crews (1915-1992) Birds Above the Surf

When our gallery exhibited Edna's retrospective earlier this year (Feb.) one collage caught our eye as very subtle and well executed, but the frame was falling apart. The story was Edna found a unique frame at an antique store and created the piece for the frame. It happens all the time. But here the quality of the artwork far outweighed and out-lived the framing.

Here's one of our best examples of museum framing for the year. Cotton rag antique white  matting, archival adhesives throughout, conservation glazing, and a water-gild gold leaf frame that is traditional but not overboard. The collage is floated on a second mat w/ a small spacer to give it an extra touch of depth and to keep the glazing above the artwork.

Our gallery represents Edna Crews estate and currently has Birds Above the Surf and several other watercolors available for purchase. Feel free to inquire about viewing and availability.