Conservation mounting for architectural drawings, maps, and damaged prints

Mainframe has a new heat press used by picture framers for mounting and laminating documents and prints. A heat press is the backbone of a better frame shop: it's a machine designed to adhere prints, photographs and documents onto a matboard, Foam-Cor or other backing material. It's also used for a variety of purposes such as reinforcing papers with a high degree of handling such as architectural plans, construction drawings and maps. Best of all our heat press uses less energy compared to a vacuum press and is quiet which adds to the zen-like atmosphere of the shop.

Our dry mounting services for large documents and photographs also includes conservation mounting for digital prints. Mounting paper objects onto a backing is one of best ways to preserve and maintain the integrity and quality of a paper object. We use a variety of archival, low heat products which are especially important for preserving digital prints. There are several products that are heat reversible allowing in most cases removal of the print from the backing. This is a highly valuable feature for damaged artwork, which can be stored securely for the art conservator for a later date.

Feel free to contact us for cost effective mounting solutions for your drawings, prints, maps and documents.

Seal Masterpiece 500T dry mount press