Socar Myles: Tone it down, tone it up with museum boards

Last August we started a project with artist and illustrator Socar Myles and the gallery representing her work here in Seattle. Socar's fine ink on paper drawings are incredibly meticulous, rendered with consummate skill presenting a range of dry humor, wit, vivid and lively caricatures. Now Socar and Krab Jab Studios are presenting more than 30 original works on paper opening Saturday, December 12th here in Georgetown.   

Socar's detailed illustrations are a challenge for gallery display, especially with the matting. Matboards come in hundreds of colors, finishes, and fabrics, and finding the right one takes time and experience. With this project, a uniform look of black matting or white wouldn't work as each piece has a strong individual character and nuance.

Museum boards were the way to go. The neutral tones compliment, or subtly contrast the fine drawing paper of each piece and help bring out details in the illustration or negative space, which the artist often uses as an illuminated light source. The mats are hinged to the backing using an archival linen tape and the illustrations are mounted to the substrate, also museum board, using archival mounting corners. The matting package is guaranteed not to yellow or damage the artwork.

Museum matting is a great way to store artwork prior to framing. The artwork lays flat in an archival carrier and can remain in pristine condition until displayed.