Creative matting choices from the gallery to home

Socar Myles is a highly skilled artist known for incredibly detailed and imaginative illustrations using only pen and ink. Socar's gallery asked us to design framing for her recent and upcoming body of work for an exhibition later this year. Each illustration is unique: various proportions, whimsical scales and values that follow the patterns of the artist's inner logic with near absolute preciseness and harmony.

We started her series off with a dynamic triangle cut mat focusing the eye into the center of the illustration. Ovals, rectangular matting, and french decorative matting were unable to capture the fine details of the illustration which appeared only as a series of neutral tones. The elegant Roma frame pops with it's metallic, fluid finish and adds to the individuality of the artwork it's protecting.

With a simple twist on the matting, the artwork is presented as it should be: in style and imagination.