Conservation framing and the environment: a natural approach

One of the best things about conservation picture framing is, I think, directly related to climate consciousness. Many of the harmful chemicals and processes used to produce woodworking finishes, paper mat and backing, and other picture framing related materials have been substituted for natural products. The results are better, environmentally friendly products that help preserve art and heirlooms with greater longevity. 

We carry three types of products for the preservation of art, photos and memorabilia and knowing the differences will help determine which is the right product for your custom framing needs. 

  • Posters, prints, and photos from a souvenir shop or fresh off the printer would do well in standard acid-free mats and cvc free backing. These products age well with very little deterioration or discoloration and can be kept from fading using UV conservation glass.
  • Acid free mats and backing or conservation mat boards are a step up when preserving original artwork such as etchings, watercolors on quality papers, and special objects.
  • For historical-preservation grade framing or archiving we recommend 100% cotton rag museum boards and archival backing. These products are pH neutral without the use of chemicals or buffering agents preserving the art or document for a lifetime or more.

Feel free to contact us to find the best framing and archiving products and services for your next custom framing project.