The art and framing of Rich Hall

NY/LA/Seattle based artist Rich Hall has a rare gift. He's able to take wildly random and vivid imagery and mold them into classical portraiture, giving them odd nuances, glances, anima. Hall's paintings sell fast but framing them has been problematic.

Rich entrusted us with the task of framing his work and nothing readily available was quite right. Simple black frames were fine, but they fail to capture any of the energy of the work and appeared flat against the vivid colors and finish of the painting. Gaudy-gold ironic gilded frames don't do justice either which resigns the nuance of the artwork to kitsch. This is where framing often hurts the artist: if it doesn't look right it looks cheap or the art looses meaning.

Nothing off the shelf - in a custom frame shop - was working so we milled up float frames designed especially for Rich. Individual frames are milled to fit the proportions of the the painting and hand finishes accentuate the painting and present it as independent but identifiable within the canon that is Rich Hall. The result is a frame that protects the artwork, maintains the individuality of the art and artist, and increases the value of the work.

Rich Hall's work is available through his website anytime and through Mainframe by appointment.