Preserving comic book art one frame at a time

I recently framed a rare private collection of early Robert Crumb drawings and illustrations on the heals of the Graphic Masters show at SAM. This collection of original drawings, greeting cards and prints has a unique and tragic story with the collector's who befriended Crumb in the mid-sixties while he was working for the American Greeting Card Co. back in Cincinnati. The collection is now on display at Fantagraphics here in Georgetown and can only be seen currently in store.

We were given carte blanche to design the show and with some budget constraints we needed to have strong presentation but not at the expense of conservation grade materials. Our house brand Walnut frames and UV conservation glass made for a fine presentation and kept the project on budget. We recommend UV conservation glass for all special and valuable works on paper, even if the art is not placed in spaces with large amounts of natural light. Tungsten and especially florescent lighting can affect works on paper over a long period of time (faded colors in paper and some inks).

For more information on the Crumb exhibit contact Fantagraphics at the link above.

r. crumb at fantagraphics