The Family Table: Reclaimed Wood for a Reclaimed Space

Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs a family table. It's a stationary object but it's not a static thing. Over the last few years I've designed and made conference tables, work tables, platforms and end tables for professional use but nothing as satisfying as the family table. There's something about the family table that draws everyone to it. We discovered that using reclaimed wood and hand-finished details created something more than just a large table. It created a comfortable space, a back drop for everything from social gatherings to personal creativity. 

I approached the joinery of the table like an artist painting a landscape; the client's needs fill in the foreground but the joinery in the background brings out the finishing touches for originality. The 10/4 (2.5" thick) planks of reclaimed Doug fir needed jointing, but were too wide for a joiner so I hand planned the crown out with a no. 6 and no. 4. Next the planks were joined with a double through spline (Maple) which made layout easier and the planks came together nicely. Once the table top was joined it was pretty heavy. With the thick top I decided against an apron which would make the table look even heavier. We flipped the table top over and hand cut the mortise and tenons for the legs. They all fit nice and tight, with just a little fuss on the last one, but nothing a shoulder plane couldn't handle. 

Finally when it came to sanding and finishing, the sanded surface felt too smooth, making the table seem artificial as though it wasn't the beautiful reclaimed wood it had felt like through seeing and handling. It was more work, but the surface maintains a wonderful rich glow as well as a pleasing tactile feel.

We are currently taking orders for this style of table available in 2.5"; 1.5" or 1" thick tops with a surface area starting at 38" x 60" and choice of leg style. Please email for prices and scheduling. Limited materials for an edition of 30 tables available only.

family table.jpg