Custom picture frame moldings this summer

It's a landmark day at Mainframe with the purchase of our first piece of stationary machinery: the Jet JPM-13 Closed Stand Planer/Molder. This guy flattens boards and cuts custom profiles for all types of moldings especially for picture frames. I'm working on a few designs now and hope to have them ready in the fall. We also mill specialty moldings so feel free to inquire when designing and bidding your next project.

Jet JPM13 Planer Molder

Custom Birch float frames for Ed

Ed's plein air paintings have a near perfect original spin and pictorial vocabulary which have garnered attention from galleries along the West Coast. He was having a difficult time finding the right frames for small works that are reflected landscapes in office buildings painted on location around Irvine, CA. Mainframe designed and fabricated a series of float frames from Baltic Birch plywood resulting in a matched aesthetic and frames that accommodate the pictorial values of the paintings. Ed Bopp is currently exhibiting at Paul Williams Gallery, Ontario, CA, Mainframe, Seattle WA., and is represented by Brett Rubbico Gallery in Newport Beach, CA.

Hand finished mouldings: Walnut

Progress on a small Walnut frame frame project current in the shop. The first photo is a close up of the rail with the initial coat of oil, still very wet. The next photo is the second coat of oil: brings out the wood grain with an almost iridescent finish. I'm applying the finish coat today and will post the results once it's all put together.

Museum Wraps

You don't need museum quality framing for everything but when you do it's nice. Museum quality consists in several steps and procedures insuring the artwork's safe handling during the framing process and it's preservation long after. 

In this example, an original watercolor by Michael Hague the framing package (backing, mats, and glass) is sealed by pH neutral linen tape around the parameter to keep out bugs and mitigate the off gassing of the wood frame (if any) passing through to the artwork. The linen tape is also used to hinge the 100% rag mat to the barrier paper that houses the work, held in place by archival corners. One of the most important hallmarks of museum quality framing is that all of the adhesives and tapes are pH neutral and archival quality. Conservation grade glass and a Roma profile finish the job with stunning results.

Float frames for canvases

Float frames for works on canvas or panel is possibly one of the most timeless profiles in contemporary framing. The thin space created between the edge of the canvas and the rail gives the painting that little extra breathing room, that little extra space needed to take on a life of its own. Float frames come in a wide range of depths so the canvas is recessed (pictured here is about .25 inch) for additional protection and dramatic effect. We carry a fine selection of float frames in our shop and can custom mill a profile for the perfect fit. Pictured below is a painting by local Seattle artist Jamie Brouwer showing in our gallery in 2015.

Notes on Museum Glass

Museum Glass is one of the best framing investments second only to the perfect vintage frame and a job well done. Museum glass filters out 99% of ultraviolet light while providing perfect visibility and clarity of the artwork. The results are stunning. Our example here, Tributaries by Virginia Katz shows how the intricate details are enhanced with museum glass compared to the regular glazing.