Framing is my Rushmore

This very limited edition 4 color screen print based on Wes Anderson's film Rushmore has a metallic bronze background and light grey that mimics the silver of the 10 speed. The challenge of framing this piece is to balance not only the contrasting color fields but to show off the fine details as well. Framing this piece with a dark mat and frame would obscure the details and something too light would accentuate the bronze making the whole presentation out of balance.

Out of hundreds of possibilities, and from the ten that were great, we used a antique white silk mat that highlights the extremely fine lines in the background. Some silk mats have a muted finish but this particular mat has a brilliant sheen that looks vibrant against the metallic paint without drawing too much attention to itself. The rounded antiqued silver faced frame w/ black sides was intended to compliment the bike frame which is essentially the catalyst of this scene.

To keep some of the archival costs down (from "eternal" museum grade materials) we used regular conservation grade glass, alpha mats, archival backing and barrier paper. Usually museum's seal the whole package from glass to backing with linen tape as an added precaution to keep out moisture. Oh, that's Latin. While not entirely museum grade this print was framed with conservation care and designed with our best efforts.