Creating space for special objects: Custom framing for leather work

Great picture framing can appear as magnificently as an old world masterpiece or disappear entirely as the theater to the play. The artist of this leather work finally found the eureka moment for a series of leather goods and wanted to frame the monumental piece for their studio. It's a case of how to find the right frame; not too showy, not too contemporary, not too rustic or contemporary; something as original as the art itself. Craftsman to craftsman.

After a hearty discussion on everything from how leather is worked, tools and techniques, tannac acids and life itself, all the usual framing materials seemed to fall flat. The different dies used on the leather have a sheen that dulls when paired with matboards that would otherwise compliment the work. In this case paper is the wrong material to showcase the leather work. So the artist left it with us and carte blanche for the design.

We substituted traditional matting for a Walnut panel and frame. The Walnut panel is book matched meaning the grain of the wood is mirrored. This feature picks up the flow and details of the leather work with all the natural ease of a complimentary element and supports the leather with the rigidity needed to keep it from cracking. We hand finish the Walnut and cut the frame to run the grain of the wood continuously as well.

If you have a unique object such as leather work, ceramics, or textiles and can't find the right design for your display, call or email for a free consultation.