I Framed Andy Warhol: Custom framing and pop art conservation

We all have a print or poster, wedding photo, or odd heirloom tucked away that needs to be framed. Recently a client came in for a custom framing estimate and asked, "I've had this rolled up for a long time, is it worth framing?" In most consultations it's easy to evaluate design, project budget and timeline but the answer to this question was surprisingly complicated.

The item was an original Andy Warhol Cow silk screened on wallpaper from the early 70s and signed in the lower right hand corner. The print had been rolled up for years, passing from the original owner to the next, leaving a light pattern of visible creases across the print. Is the item worth being framed? Almost.

The first step in the decision-making process is knowing how the frame preserves the artwork. Picture framing encapsulates the art protecting it from environmental damage (moisture, pollutants, insects), excessive handling and long term storage. Conservation or preservation framing helps prevent damage to artwork and heirlooms by using archival framing materials and fine finishes for enhanced display. In this case the Warhol print would be well protected yet there's a good possibility that an art conservationist could iron out the wrinkles for the best presentation.

The second step in determining the best custom framing for your print or artwork is its value. Framed artwork has the best chance of appreciating in value when it's brought into a public space or home and enjoyed. Art, wedding photos, prints and heirlooms all work to create thoughtful environments to live and work in. Most prints and posters do not require the amount of work and materials needed for museum standards but we carry a great selection of frames and finishes that accommodate each individual project budget and design.

Andy Warhol wallpaper