Fabrics, textiles and picture framing

Tom Bihn has been designing backpacks and outdoor wear for decades and we were thrilled to collaborate with him recently for a framing project. Tom's mementos of his long career range from original fabric swatches, tags, and concept drawings of logos and designs all needing preservation framing.

When framing textiles or fabrics picture framer's use a sew mount, an archival mounting method that uses threads instead of adhesives to secure the artwork to the backing. There's a wide variety of sew mounting techniques for any given type of fabric from needlepoint to canvas, silk or textile to be mounted.

Here we have a variety of labels from Tom's famous Black Bag, the great Kite logo, and a swatch of light weight fabric from an early prototype, as well as original drawings. We mounted each item on an archival linen matboard and arranged the larger items in the top quadrant of the space. This arrangement places more visual emphasis on the tags and smaller items. The frame is clear Eastern Maple that is milled locally and hand finished in our shop.

I can't say that my sewing skills are a match for Tom Bihn's but I can say each item was secured to the mat with my best efforts and careful handling. Thanks Tom!