That's a wrap: Crating art for international shipping

It doesn't happen every day, but friends of ours recently sold a ten year body of work consisting of original watercolors and illustrations to a collector overseas. With the excitement of the prospective sale came the anxiety of packing and shipping over 200 flat stock items all with various dimensions. They asked us if we had any suggestions and we happily responded by building two custom crates, which accommodated both the artwork and the budget.

By keeping the dimensions of the crates to just under the maximum allowance for priority, we were able to help our clients keep the costs down and ship in better time than ground service. Each item was sealed in an archival Mylar bag and secured with Foam core cut to size.

If you have something you need shipped right, feel free to contact us today for a quote. We provide a range of crates for shipping artwork, antiques, and rare objects.