Custom display case with classic lines and fine joinery

One of Georgetown's most unique, most surprisingly original galleries Krab Jab Studios opens another stellar exhibit with a fine cast of local and international artists. For this exhibit we built a display case for a fantastic sculpture by Seattle based artist Yvette Endrijautzki. The sculpture is a menagerie of found objects carefully arranged and finished with antique whites and Steam-Punk bronze and copper highlights.

The design had to be simple enough to be unobtrusive to the eye but also had to connect the work to the viewers looking on Yvette's scene. For an antique, hand crafted look we used a variety of traditional hand tools, water based stains and waxes. The highlight for us were the compound mitered corners around the top of the case. This allows the lines to look more continuous adding unity to the frame elements. The result is a pleasing vantage point from which to view the art and protect it from dust and potential damage.

For sculpturesand other 3D artifacts we offer a wide variety of custom displays from pedestals to easels and wall mounted displays. Feel free to call or email for inquiries.