I Framed Andy Warhol (part 2) the reveal

A few months back a client came in with an original Andy Warhol Cow that had been tightly rolled up for years. We recommended an art conservationist who could iron out the wrinkles and after that we could begin our task of framing.

The print was top mounted to museum board, a conservation grade mat board made from cotton fiber. Using museum hinges, spacers, and finished with museum glass, the artwork is suspended within the frame allowing it to breath both physically and visually. The highlight for this project was the spacers. The client wanted hot pink somewhere in the frame to compliment the highlights in the print but we couldn’t find the right color or the right materials were simply unavailable. We overcame these hurdles by making the spacers ourselves hand painting them to tie in with the print.

This was a really great project all around. It took a lot of extra time and caution but the results are stunning and the print is well preserved.

andy warhol cow print